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Lesson 5 [Quiz Eng] Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies [FoR]

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After you have done with the lesson, let’s try this small quiz!

1. What you should do when conducting quantitative methodology?

Try to get as small sample size as possible in order to have a large margin of error
Select only people you already know as respondents to get reliable answers
Use random sampling methods to get a larger sample size to keep the margin of error low
Limit the sample size so that you can have high confidence interval

2. What you should do when conducting qualitative research?

Use coding technique to find relationships, patterns, differences of your sample.
Always use margin of error and confidence interval to increase your research’s reliability
Since it can be less specific when selecting a sample, all population’s demographics should be disregarded.
Use as many closed-ended questions as possible when interviewing respondents in order to get more accurate answers.

3. If your research methodology is quantitative, which tool best fits your methodology?

Participatory research
Focus group discussion
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